Project #002

Commissioned in July 2021 by Student Housing, Project 002 plans started to develop early on. With a number of ideas presented by the development team working in tandem with the internationally recognised street artist Sophie Mess

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Artist: Sophie Mess

Sophie is a street artist and mural painter based in the UK. She creates vibrant botanical inspired artworks, bringing the colourful beauty of nature to the urban landscape, transforming spaces and inspiring positivity.

Sponsor: Student Housing

A student lettings agency founded by two former University of Lincoln Students

Location: LN5 7LR

Located on the gable end of 16 Trollope Street, at the end of the road (if walking from portland street)

#002: Day 2

By day 2 Sophie had completed the background primer and starts to outline the first of the flowers known as the “Lincoln Star”

#002: Day 4

By Day 4, Sophie had completed the base coat, outline, background and was close to finishing the main aspects of the piece

Sponsored By:

A huge thank you to the team at Student Housing for sponsoring this project. Student Housing not only donated the wall, but also covered financial aspects of this project from start to finish. Special thanks to Adrian Bishop for finding the artist and organising on site equipment